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JMJ Caseworks is proud to be the manufacturer of the unique visionary casework for the Sanford Children's Hospital in Sioux Falls, SD.  It has a fairy tale castle like exterior, with the same theme on the interior.  A place that children with various illnesses can go for state of the art treatment and feel a little bit like they are part of a fairy tale.  We are pleased to announce our involvement in this project.  Just to mention some of the unique items we produced for this hospital would include:  treasure boxes, a donor wall, brillant colored multi-function picture frames featuring children's art as well as thoughtful cards sent to these precious little patients.  Several different types of unique materials and exuberant colors, patterns, and designs were used throughout this wonderful medical facility.  We also created the signage with quotes from visionary T. Denny Sanford

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Are you looking for custom built commercial cabinetry, reception stations, pillars, ornamental wood ceiling tiles, platforms, conference tables, etc.?  You are looking in the right direction.



We can also enhance your fireplace in your waiting & reception area, lobby, or conference room...

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